The Connie Dungs

We had a great time last Saturday at the V Club in Huntington with our friends.  The Hairlips were amazing.  What a great band and great bunch of guys.  Also big thanks to the Transmissions and Chaz Worm. 

You should check out the Transmissions.  They are probably the hardest working punk band on the local scene.

See you guys soon!!

Saturday night in Huntington, WV the Dungs will be hitting the stage of the V Club one more time this year.  Come check out The Hairlips, a great band from Chicago; The Transmissions, hailing from our hometown of Ashland and also Chaz Worm will be bring his original style of punkgrass (think Dead Kennedys on banjo).  A night of 100% punk rock!

October 22, V Club, Huntington, WV

October 22, V Club, Huntington, WV

Insub 2011.  Total blast. 

Dungs live at the V Club, Huntington, WV! October 22.  With special guests Chicago’s own, The Hairlips and from our hometown, The Transmissions!  $7. 

Insub Pics

There are several pics from Insub on our Facebook page.  So head over there if you are interested. 

So far, the only picture from Insub.  We’ll post more as we notice them. 

So far, the only picture from Insub.  We’ll post more as we notice them. 

Insub Set List

Some have asked what we played at Insub this year.  Was it true that we had a 90  minute set planned. 

We had a long set list, hoping we could actually live through it.  After not playing together in any form for 10 years, and 15 years with this line up, having a long set list was quixotic at best, but we did it.  We made it through, not without mistakes, miscues and technical difficulties, but that’s what makes it fun and exciting.  So for those that came and saw us, we thank you.  For those who wanted to be there but couldn’t, we wish you were.  For the haters out there, we’ll never be punk enough for you anyway. 

Here are the songs from Insub:

20 Years
I Wanna Be Locked Up
Girls Are Always Mean to Me
Kill Me in My Sleep
Teenage Zombie/Youth Anthem #9
Lilly A-Go-Go
Driving on Neptune/Tragic Music/Driving on Neptune
Locked In my Room
Paper Snow
Too Cruel
Better Than Me
Shiny Metal Pistol
I hate this Town
Cigarette Buzz
My Brain Is Full
Sweet Sad Goodbye
I’m In Trouble Now (our suggestion for Insub 2012 - vindictives)
Math and the Mocking Moon
Arrow through my Head
Missy and Johnny

1:30 in the a.m. Set is done. Damn we’re old. Too much fun Insub. Hope we see you again!

The Dungs have arrived in Baltimore. Yes we are here. Headed to Ottobar shortly. Can’t wait to see you all there.